Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe ...

Dad took me over to Doggy Disney again today. He's off work all week using up the vacation time he can't carry over into next year. We had a great time meeting some friendly dogs and especially a lady who did doggy day care. She just loved me and thought I was great.

I got the chance to have some great muddy baths in the pools in the woods and got nice and wet and muddy. Dad had to dry me off before I got back in the car. He'd cleaned it this weekend and then today even polished the windows on the inside so they were sparkling and clean. I soon sorted that out though by sticking my wet nose on them and leaving smears and nostril prints all over.

Brain Neurons15:00 After we got back I lounged around drying out and generally barking at the guys making a noise in the building opposite. I thought we'd come through the cluster as nothing happened yesterday, turns out we were wrong.

At 3:00pm whilst snoozing in my bed I had another big seizure. Dad shook me out of it later and I got up and scoffed my left over breakfast. I'm wondering if all these drugs are actually doing anything other than putting my liver at risk? I'll get dad to talk with the vet and see what gives.

Hindsight's a wonderful thing. Over the past few days we've been thinking that Roxy's not shown any signs of going into a cluster. Usually her behaviour is a bit off, and we'll have a clue. Today, I think I missed the signs completely. After the walk she'd been coming up to me and mouthing my hand and putting her paw on me repeatedly. I couldn't understand why. Maybe she was trying to tell me something?


  1. I know the concern about med.s our older dogs are on a regimen of prednisone and rimadyl and sometimes it's hard to see the value through all the side effects. But I can't imagine the stress of trying to manage a condition like Roxy's, and wondering if it's making a difference or not.

    And ah, nose juice, one of my favorite things :) Another is the pollen tracks from our kitties going over windshield, the roof, and down the back. It's great.

    Best wishes to everyone

  2. Hey Roxy,
    It's very nice to meet you. Gosh, sorry to hear you have seizures like Snickers. She started getting them last June. We like your diary on the blog, Mama has Snickers' seizures written in a book. She tracks air pressure/storms, moon phase, what she has eaten, what times food & pills were taken, etc. Snickers & I are both Hypothyroid too & take thyroid hormones. Sadly we just had a wire fox terrier pal from Africa go to the bridge last Thursday from seizures. They finally caused him severe brain damage & his Mama had to make the choice. So sad. Is it ok if we link up blogs? We could also do a post on you so that our pals visit you if you like. Let us know for sure. Time to go out for walkies.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby