Sunday, November 9, 2008

Doggy Disney

Dad took me to my favorite place again today, he calls it "Doggy Disney" as it's as much fun a dog can handle!  Open woods with a mixture of walkways suited and accessible to all.

Binley Woods in Coventry (wooded area South of the marker) is a 4-5 mile drive from home but well worth the trip.  I get so excited when I realise where we're going.  Chasing squirrels and rabbits - not much hope of catching one, but I love the thrill of the chase.

It's also a pretty quiet wood in terms of other people.  We don't often see anyone else there at all, maybe 'cos it's so big, but whatever the reason it's mostly like we have our own private play park.

Only trouble is it plays up with my hip displasia.  It's not a bad one but after all this exercise my hips ache for a day or so afterwards.  I just can't help myself from running around crazy and having fun.

Dad's ordered some Glucosamine tablets to see if they can help ease my aching hips.  I know mum and dad don't like hearing or seeing me struggle around with aching legs - but the visit to the woods is such a treat to enjoy, it's hard to put a limit on it.

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