Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Dad's been off work this week - something about having too much vacation time left over.  So this means I get to be with him all day and get to go for longer walks.

Clouds with Legs
We went out along the canal walk today and for the first time ever the empty field we cross through was full of clouds with legs.

Dad put me on the lead and we walked through them passing very close to the "sheep" as they came over interested in who we were.  They were directly in front of the gate we needed to go through.

I impressed dad with how good I am by just looking at the sheep and walking calmly by without incident.

Further around the canal path there was a dog barking in a boat and as I went to see I slipped on the edge and slid ungracefully into the water!  I'm not a bad swimmer but the sides of the canal are vertical steel and the bank is two feet above the water line.  I was in between two boats so couldn't swim around.

Dad grabbed me by the scruff of my neck but as much as he pulled he couldn't lift me.  He ended up lying in the mud and wrestling me by the scruff up and over him.  I ended up covering him in water and in my panic stepped all over him and on his face.

Dad stood up all wet with his glasses on backwards!  Definatley a "You've Been Framed" moment (my favourite TV show)

Dad's isn't quite this bad
Well it wasn't until he got home he realised that I'd trodden in his eye and my claws had scratched him. What started out as a small purple scratch turned into a big purple bruise and he ended up with a swollen and black eye!

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