Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Blood Tests

09:00 Back in the car to the doctors with dad again.

When the doctor came to see me she said she was looking forward to seeing this big friendly dog the nurses where talking about. I was so proud that they all thought I was good.

This time they take me into another room so they can shave a little of my fur off on my neck so they can take more blood. They stuck a big needle in but I didn't make a noise, I just wanted to get back to dad as soon as.

I also got some Pentobarbitone tablets "Epiphen (60mg)" to take 1 1/2 (90mg) - twice daily. Dad has to hold open my mouth and drop them all the way to the back so I can swallow the tiny pills. Hiding them in cheese or food is just too easy for me to find. If I can eat a bowl of food with peas and gravy and manage to leave the peas, spitting out a tablet is just as easy.

So far it's been nearly two days since my last seizure and that's been without having any tablets.

After the doctors dad took me to another big park for a run around. This really isn't so bad!

Then grandma and Dave came round to see me - I was so happy to see them. I really like grandma and get all excited whenever I hear her outside. She was all upset about me I think... but grandma doesn't really like dogs?

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