Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Rude!

Grrrr! Angry FaceGrrrr! Just how rude are some people?

I ran out of prescription pills today so dad went to the vet's to get some more. He decided to get there early so he could still make it to work and not be too late in.

I guess he figured they opened at 8:00am this morning so got there just before at about 7:45am. Some people who worked there turned up and went in around 8:00am - I guess this was the early crew to feed and water the over night visitors.

At around 8:20am a few more cars turned up, people waiting inside.

So at 8:30am when the receptionist opened the door, not just one but four people rushed from their cars with only one thing in mind "ME FIRST!". No thought for any one there before them, just "me, me, me".

Next time I'm going with him to get them to back off and wait their turn :)

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