Saturday, November 1, 2008

Well it happened again...

18:30 Mum was just about to go out.  She was all dressed up looking and smelling nice.  I was in the bedroom with dad, asleep whilst he worked on the computer - he's always there.

Then the convulsions started and dad moved me away from things I could knock against.  When I came to I was very confused and scared.  I looked over at dad and really didn't see him as who he was.  I was so scared of him I growled very meaningfully that whoever he was should back off and leave me alone.

Once I'd paced around a while I calmed down and realised he meant no harm, I then went into an hour long fog of confusion.  It's like I was no longer scared of things, but I didn't recognise anyone or understand what they were saying.

After a bit of sleep I was back to my old self.  No one would know anything strange had happened.

Mum came home late all giddy and wobbly and smelling funny.  She was hugging me and crying and I didn't know why.

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