Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Seizure

Because of my previous seizures mum and dad let me sleep on the floor in there bedroom.  This was a real treat as I don't usually get away with it. I'm a people dog and like being with them.

05:00 I woke mum and dad up having another seizure - apparently it looks real scary me thrashing about and snapping my jaws.

The embarrassing part is that when I have one a little wee sprays out, so it was lucky mum put a towel down for me to lie on.

After the initial seizure my post seizure actions seem strange. Still confused and scared but now also in desperate need of the toilet and food. I paced around wildly and a little uncoordinated and this strange person who looked like dad wouldn't let me go down the stairs.  So I peed and pooped on the floor in the bedroom!

When I was a little more coordinated dad took me downstairs and I ravenously ate everything left in my bowl and had a big drink of water.

It still took me an hour to recognise mum and dad as I was still so confused from the seizure.

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