Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Scary Event

08:30 Well something strange and scary happened this morning.  I was lying fast asleep in my bed in the kitchen and scared Blaine as he came into the kitchen for breakfast by shaking uncontrollably, convulsing and rolling my eyes, gnashing my teeth and foaming at the mouth.

By the time mum and dad got to me I was breathing heavily and looking confused and scared, not recognising anyone around me.

Mum tried to wipe the slobber from my face but I didn't know who she was or what she was trying to do, that towel looked scary, so I growled at her menacingly - I must have been out of it, as I'd never normally behave like that.

They left me alone and called the doctor to see what should be done.

After an hour of being really bewildered I then came out of it and realised I knew where I was and who my family were.  They were making such a fuss and I couldn't understand why, I'd just woken up.

At the Veterinary Surgery

They then took me to see the doctor who gave me a checkup and although I'd only just met him he got quite personal and took my temperature and listened to my heart.  Then it was time for a needle to take some blood.

Now I'm a big girl and look quite scary, so I understand why the doctor wanted me to wear a muzzle.  I've never had to wear one but I let him do it any way.  He took the blood from my right foreleg and I never even made a sound.

Now the doctor said I should rest up and not get excited that day but when I'm in the car it usually means walkies.  I was disappointed to just go home.

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