Monday, November 3, 2008

Back to See the Doctor

This is me, happy in the parkThankfully I've not had another seizure today.

10:40 Mum and Dad put me in the car and took me to see the doctor again. Looks like I'll be here a lot more.

I saw Eli again and she took my temperature (which I don't like much) and listened to my heart again.

Dad spoke with Eli about Pentobarbital and Potassium Bromide to control the seizures and tried to figure out which would be best. Dad uses his computer to check out all kinds of information and was worried about the long term effects of Pentobarbital on my liver.

Eli's very good and explains clearly that there are risks and that getting the medication right is important.  The risk of liver damage balanced against the continued seizures effects on my brain seems a fair option.

The first blood test results didn't show anything abnormal so another more detailed look at insulin level and pancreatic functions are suggested. As I've had trouble with my weight and appetite there could be some pancreatic relationship.

So we are asked to revisit the surgery tomorrow after starving for 12 hours to take more blood.

This time it's not so bad, mum and dad take me to a park and let me out to have a run around for an hour.

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