Saturday, April 18, 2009

Moulting & Time Travel

A strange topic you might ask but dad really believes the two are related. He tried to explain it to me. It seems it's completely possible to travel forward in time as long as the right set of conditions exist. This is where having a dog comes in.

Back to the Future
Last year mum decided to remove all the carpets and get the whole ground floor of the house tiled. She took dad with her to find a tile she liked, what that had to do with dad I don't know. When it comes to opinions relating to decor dad's learned to keep his head well down. For some reason he'd suggested a dark slate coloured tile, and quickly realised he wasn't there for his opinion - basically, shut up and drive.

So now mum makes the decision and after much frustration at the "professional" who came to fit them - the standing joke is if he's a tiler it's only by name, hence his nickname "Bonnie Tyler", mums selected tiles were finally laid.

Now we're coming up to summer and I'm starting to shed some fur, well it ends up quite a lot really. So much so, dad recons he could knit another dog out of it. Mums choice of a pale yellow tile throughout is now proving to be a little questionable. She seems to be constantly mopping up muddy footprints and worse to come, complaining about the very noticeable and big tufts of black tumble weed that drift across the floor.

Heart Rate Monitor
So where does time travel come into the equation? Well dad recons that it's a bit like the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy's ruby slippers. All he has to do is utter the magic words "I told you so", there will be the clang of a skillet and dad will awaken in the distant future to the sound of the beebeep, beebeep of a heart monitor in a white room, labelled coma patients.

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  1. Ooo, the dreaded words! But, we get the same things from our dogs (three of whom are black). Great, big puffs of hair floating all over the place.