Saturday, April 11, 2009

Early Morining Wake Up Call

Time to Get UpFollowing yesterday's seizure I figured we'd gotten away with it for a long time. The usual 4-5hours between seizures had passed a long time ago.

05:30 Chris was sleeping on the sofa and shouted to wake dad nice and early at 5:30am as I lay in my bed having a seizure.

It was the typical chomping and flailing followed by paddling and then unconscious sleep. Once that was over and I came to I was just the usual hungry and thirsty. Despite being on my diet dad gave me half a tin of food anyhow.

I finished up sleeping upstairs in the bedroom so mum and dad could keep an eye on me. I still woke mum up to get me some breakfast though... even though I'd eaten already.

Strange Big Dogs - called Horses
This afternoon I've been out with dad on a really long walk all around the canal in a big circle and came back very tired. As we walked round we encountered a field with two big funny looking dogs, dad called them horses. So we went over to say hello. Dad took me up to them slowly making me sit at each step, just so I didn't scare them off. I so wanted to go an play, but I had to make do with just sitting and talking to them.

17:10 Later in the day Grandma and Caz came round to visit. They were talking about a barbecue tomorrow, yay! Shortly after they left, I was snoozing in front of the TV mum and dad saw my head twitch and turn to look behind me. Sure enough it was the start of another seizure.

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