Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Visit from the Easter Bunny

Easter BunnyEaster brought more that chocolate for me. It looks like my cluster's going to continue like the previous ones. Although the period in between seizures is longer than usual they are still coming.

Last night was a very sleepless night. I howled quite a lot, probably on 5 occasions. Which is unusual for me as once I'm told to be "quiet" and I realise there really is someone else around and I'm not all alone, I tend to go on back to sleep and not do it anymore.

I eventually came upstairs and lay down and slept on the landing. Again a little unusual as normally I'd wake mum and dad by scratching at the door to get in and sleep with them.

05:10 Dad had to get up and take care of me as I lay on the landing having a seizure.

10:50 I'd just been walking around downstairs whilst mum was in the kitchen and I started chomping and went into another seizure.

Later today we're having a barbecue so I hope this is the last of them for this cluster.

19:50 Well today just keeps getting worse. Whilst mum and dad were next door Blaine banged on the wall which meant there was something wrong and dad came to find me in the usual unconscious post seizure state. I was jammed in behind the back door, my favorite sleeping place, so dad had to come in through the front door. Whilst unconscious dad gave me two tubes of Diazepam to see if this would break the cluster. He also cleaned me up and gave me some chicken so I'd calm down after the seizure.

The diazepam doesn't seem to have any obvious effect. Dad thinks maybe I was a little more drowsy than usual and as it would turn out didn't go as expected.

23:50 I was in a deep sleep behind the back door when dad heard me chomping and my collar jingling. I then went into full seizure and because unconscious. Dad shook me awake and as I came to the end I was more disorientated than previously. Probably as bad as it was after my first/early seizures. I was blind for a period, bumping into things, and so confused I couldn't find my way outside. I left mum to clean up where I'd wee'd (sorry mum) and went outside to pace for a while longer.

After an eventful day or so mum and dad let me sleep in the bedroom with them. I think dad wished he hadn't as I was restless all night. I kept him up by panting and then just as he'd drop off to sleep I'd go stick my nose in his ear or eye to wake him up.

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