Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Stuffed!

Bar-b-queWell dad managed to get mum to agree to a barbecue this weekend - the weather was great. As usual mum gets far too much food and it's always more than everyone can eat. That's where I come in and help tidy up, I like to do my bit.

Sunday was a special day overall. Before the barbecue dad took me out to Doggy Disney again. I had a great time. We met a few new friends after I'd gone puddle jumping. I was particularly muddy and wet and insisted on saying hello to the people out with the Labrador and Beagle. I'm not sure they appreciated the mud I left with them though.

As we were getting into the car to go out Grandma and Dave were back! But I was far to excited about going out and pretty much ignored them, and got all conflicted as I should say hello, but I just must go for a walk.

Thankfully they came round to see me after we'd cleared up the barbecue. There were loads of really great things to eat. Huge chicken breasts and plenty of lamb. I even got stuck into the potatoes mum had made, so I'm getting my five a day.

Trouble is, when Grandma and Dave came around mum kinda regretted letting me have the boiled eggs. I sat there all inocent pretending it was someone else. I think I got away with it.


  1. Hi there Rottie,

    I've added you to a new list of Coventry bloggers on my website.

    I've taken the liberty of using your profile picture too.

    If you want your picture removed - copyright - just let me know and I'll do
    it right away.

    Hope you like being on the list and keep on blogging.



    Ben Glass

  2. *woof* yeah, I try to lay there all innocent, and hoping they will think it's sarah, but they somehow know it's me...huh huh huh..Maybe since we are now in the country, I can pass it off as a skunk outside...hhhhmmm

  3. My poor little dogs desperately want to clean up after our meals, but their weak little stomachs cannot take it. Fun blog!