Friday, November 13, 2009

Something New

Being Friday the 13th we're hoping it turns out to be bad luck to be superstitious.

Dad spent the night looking after me and when mum went to bed he came downstairs with me as he knew this wasn't over yet.

But just after midnight I had a Tabasco moment. So dad was sure there was more to follow. Sure enough 20 minutes later I started to go into a seizure.

But the strange thing is dad got to me as I was in the early stage of chomping and head shaking (this is the Tabasco moment). He then managed to shake me to get my attention and I snapped out of it and didn't go into a full seizure. This happened twice more and each time dad managed to get me just at the right time to stop the seizure. However, we're not sure if this is stopping the seizure or merely postponing it.

04:40 Well the seizure finally caught up with me. Dad couldn't get to me in time, so I went into full fit in the kitchen. Afterwards dad went up to bed and I eventually followed.

At 8:30 I woke dad up three times with "Tabasco" moments and each time he drove off the full seizure.

It wasn't until 09:30 that dad missed the timing and off into full seizure I went. It's very strange that the seizure can be postponed. I just wonder if we manage to catch the Tabasco moment each time that eventually the seizure would not follow.

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  1. Very interesting!

    I've read that seizures most often happen during restful moments and I've never heard of a dog having a seizure while chasing a ball or barking at another dog or person, so I wonder if there's a period or window just as a seizure begins when if the dogs brain can be stimulated it heads off a seizure. You experience would seem to say yes.

    I've yet to catch Foster at that particular moment.