Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Dad decided that as I was a big dog that it was even more important I knew how to behave.  Like all big dogs I wanted to make my new home my own and take control.  I needed to have boundaries to behave appropriately within.

After finding a local dog training school "Corley Dog Training" Blaine went along with dad to learn how to teach me to behave.

The first five minutes didn't go so well, as I know dad wanted Blaine to be able to train me.  But I was a little too big for him and at the sight of another friendly dog I took off and towed Blaine lying down along the floor for 12 feet.

So the trainer had seen this and came over to help.  He took over my lead and walked me around for 5 minutes.  He was a very good trainer and knew just how to make me respond as I should. It wasn't so much that he was training me how to behave, but training dad and Blaine how to behave to get the best from me. It worked fabulously - better than we could have imagined.

After only five lessons I had become the star of the show.  I did everything that was asked when asked - well I learned I had to because the trainer was scary when other dogs misbehaved!

So now dad and I continued the lessons whilst out walking and gradually it became so he trusted me so much that he could let me off the lead in public.  I still wont go far as dad has gotten lost once, but I eventually found him all panicky and shouting my name in the woods.

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