Monday, March 29, 2010

Tempting Fate

Dr. FateIt's a difficult post to make, but such a landmark occasion we just can't let it slip by unnoticed. It's been over two months since my last seizure. This is something of a record for me, and one that is very welcome.

I know that simply by putting this into words is going to be just the cause the blasted seizure monster needs to come a running. But right now life's too good not to see the silver lining.

The past few months have gone by so quickly, but we've got up to all our usual stuff. Out running in the woods at the weekends and generally getting under everyone's feet during the week.

It's mum's turn to be off work this week and she's started taking down the curtains and pictures and mirrors - yep, she replaced the one I tried to kill dad with! Looks like the place is going to get a coat of paint whilst she's off work. That means I'll get booted out regularly I guess. Not that I'd be any trouble of course, being so agile and nimble on my feet. I don't know what makes everyone think I'm so clumsy (maybe the fact we're running out of mugs - dad).

So far this month there's been plenty of fun to be had with dad being off work and now mum, and then we've got a long weekend coming up on Friday. So I'm sure it's going to be a good week.

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  1. Roxy, may there be many more seizure free days, weeks, months and years in your future -- we're wonderfully happy for you.