Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's all the Fuss About Snow?

Roxy in the snow Wednesday this week is the first week since we got all the snow that dad couldn't get to work. Which for me was great news. It meant he could take me out for a walk in it!

I love snow. I charge around all excited, chase snow balls and generally act all giddy.

Dad laughs at my tracks in the snow. You can see my foot prints, but between them in most places is a groove where I drop my head down and go scooping the snow into my mouth and over my nose. I'm glad dad didn't get a picture of that 'cos I looked silly with a pile of snow on my nose.

At the weekend we went out into the woods where it was all snow covered and very cold. The snow hasn't been deep, not more than a couple of inches. Dad took some pictures but the snow really whited out the images on most of them.

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