Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seven Years of Bad Luck

01:30 Dad hadn't been in bed long when I started thrashing about and got him up to take me out. A little earlier than expected. I've also done something not so good to my hip or thigh. It's painful and I may have strained it. Getting up from lying down causes a cry of pain, so it looks like a bit of rest is needed.

03:00 After the last seizure I did my usual trick and decided to leave dad trying to sleep on the sofa downstairs whilst I went back upstairs to sleep. Dad hadn't long followed me up when I went off again.

07:05 I sure hope dad forgives me for this one! When I came around and wanted to charge off out of the room dad grabbed me and we started off downstairs. Just at the bottom I tripped dad up and he went crashing down the stairs and into the mirror on the wall. It was quite a thud. Dad lay on the floor for a while as mum came rushing down to see what all the noise was about. Luckily the only thing broken was the mirror, but it sure took the wind out of dad and left him with a grazed and bruised elbow and knee, some cuts on his knuckle where his hand smashed the glass, a badly twisted toe which makes him limp and worst of all a lump above his eye where his head smashed into the frame! We thought he was going to get another black eye.

09:15 Again dad hadn't followed me back up to bed very long ago when he had to bring me back downstairs after another seizure. He was a bit more careful this time. I also got given a Previcox (anti-inflammatory) to see if that eases the pain in my leg a little.

11:25 Dad had gone back to bed and I was downstairs with mum when another seizure visits.

13:35 No sooner had dad finished writing this when mum shouted from downstairs "She's off again". This time I was awake and standing behind mum in the kitchen when I started chomping and thrashing.

15:00 Just when I'd calmed down and was resting comfortably in the front room another seizure struck.

19:00 Dad thought he'd tidy me up and gave me a bath, because I was a bit smelly from all the wee and slobber. No sooner was that done than I had another seizure by the back door. I couldn't stand up and my legs were all over the place. Before dad could get me outside I poo'ed right onto his foot. Dad's really in the firing line today.

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