Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Fun Week

It's been a real good week this week. Since Saturday's seizure there haven't been any others! Looks like it was a one off. Never before have I had just the one seizure in 24hours, so this is something be grateful for.

Dad took me in to work with him on Thursday. I didn't even need to go see the vet and he still took me with him - what's that all about? Well it turns out after work we went to meet up with a group of people from the car club he's in. So I got to say hello to a load of new faces and make loads of friends. I was so well behaved they all thought I was great.

Today we went out to the woods again. It was a real scorcher of a day too. The weather was really warm and sunny, 22 degrees - getting near summer! This did mean that all the good mud puddles had dried up. There were only a few sticky ones that I had to make do with.

A Baby Muntjac DeerAs we were walking around dad says he saw some Muntjac's again. I was busy nosing around somewhere so missed them. Last week, again whilst I was off hunting squirrels, dad said he saw a deer in the trees. He stood perfectly still and it wasn't until the deer was 5 yards from him on the path that it even noticed him! It must be because some of the work in thinning the trees has brought them into the places we walk, because they're usually invisible.

At the end of the walk we went to the pond. Hooray! The water level had dropped quite a bit which meant I felt safe about getting in and actually swimming. A couple of people were sat by the water and another two turned up with their little dog. It was great fun fetching sticks and showing off in front of a crowd.

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  1. Wonderful news about only a single seizure! Yeah Roxy!