Sunday, April 25, 2010

Well into the season...

for barbecue!

The weekend weather was just too good not to have a barbecue. You know what dad's like - if it's not cold, it's barbecue weather. So this weekend was a must have.

Next week is Ian's birthday so he wanted to get a barbecue and try it out before next Saturday. Yeah, right. Like dad needs an excuse to light up the barby!

So whilst dad's putting together the new barby, Chris takes me out for a walk. A while later and he's calling dad saying I've had a seizure whilst out walking and Chris is bringing me home. I plod along with him on the lead all slow and when we make it home, it's obvious I've had a fit. I'm all woozy and panting hard and have slobber all over my face. Dad puts me on a towel outside and I lay around recovering watching dad build the barby.

Well no sooner has dad started cooking when the heavens open. It pours down with rain. A bit of quick thinking and Ian runs off to grab a Gazebo (or jizzyboo, as grandma spells it). When he comes back there's a big panic on and all of a sudden there is a group realization that no one has ever assembled it and have no idea how all the poles go together. It was a definite You-Tube / You've Been Framed moment!

Well four people holding up poles and canvas and passing stuff around kept me smiling for a while. What made it all the more funny was that as soon as it was up - the rain stopped!

As for the seizures... well, dad took me with him to work on his car today. Yep, you're right, dad has some more time off work - which is pretty much a guarantee of a seizure visit. All day today there's been no other occurrence. It's very strange - just one seizure. But we'll be thankful for small mercies - and take every blessing we can.

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