Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You Know What Comes Next...

I would say it's obvious really, as it's been a while and posting something is bound to be the kiss of death. But so far so good. It's been a while since the last episode, but we're expecting a visit anytime soon.

We were thinking "Today's the day" a couple of times this week. I haven't had a full seizure, but I've had a couple of new small episodes of "falling". By that I mean episodes that resemble the moment when you're asleep and for no reason you suddenly jump awake trying to grab onto something as if you're falling. Well there's been a few times when I've startled dad with similar sort of actions.

After some "falling" I've been a little off. Not quite right and one day just seemed to forget about how to go down stairs! It was like I just thought you walked straight out over them, not focussing on the fact they go down as well as forwards, yikes! I ended up in a heap at the bottom after sliding down quite a few of the steps. So mum and dad are extra vigilant when I'm not looking quite right.

Unfortunatley it's not as easy as stopping me going upstairs. I'm pretty strong willed and when I want to go upstairs I will. Mum's even put stuff on the bottom of the stairs in my way to stop me going up, but that proved just as dangerous as just letting me go up anyway.

One good thing though. We went to the vets for a blood test, to update the prescription... again. Thankfully the results show the epiphen and KBr are within the range required. Money's real tight at the minute, so adding more tablets is always hard. September saw a £60 vet bill for the blood test, £253 for the drugs (epiphen and KBr for 3 months) and another £30 for Glucosamine and Milk Thistle (for a year thankfully).

My diet's taking too long. I got weighed whilst at the vets. It came in at 56kg, so mum and dad have cut my food down quite a bit. From the 2 meals a day I'd get out of 1200g of food they've now made that equal to 3 meals, so I'm down to 800g per day. Now I don't get chance to eat half my breakfast and save the rest for later in the day whilst they're out at work. Now I eat my breakfast and dinner in one go and eagerly want more. Totally different when a few years ago I didn't want food at all.

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