Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dad's Got Some Time Off... Again

Seizure MonsterAnd we know what that means. Dad's got the next few weeks off work to use up some of his vast number of holiday allowance. As usual that's the trigger for me to get a visit from the seizure monster. He was still at work on Thursday and Friday though, so we thought it a little too early when the first full seizure struck.

21:15 (Thursday) No yelling or anything, dad just heard mum putting me outside. Normally mum gives a yell when I start fitting and dad comes running to the rescue. Looks like mum just took care of me herself for this one. Well done mum!

14:30 (Friday) As I'd had a seizure and they usually come in clusters dad was a bit brave taking me into work with him. But he wanted to keep an eye on me. He was on the phone when I started fitting. He didn't notice but Bev, one of his co-workers, did and dad slammed down the phone and came to look after me.

It's the first time Bev would have seen this and must have looked really quite distressing. But actually this was a relatively mild seizure. There was the cramps and chomping but no real twisting of the head, it didn't even go into the paddling so much. Just a bit of trouble waking up and disorientation afterwards. Dad took me straight out after and I had a bit of a wander around the car park.

20:30 (Friday) Dad noticed me starting to go off into one, but again it turned out to be a relatively light one. Still big enough to get frustrated with and big enough to tire me out for ages afterwards though.

03:30 (Saturday) I woke dad up in the night having a seizure in the bedroom. But it was another mild one. In fact their was no pacing afterwards, or the need to go out, or to desperately eat something. I just went back off to sleep.

14:30 (Saturday) Dad took me along to act as mascot at one of his car meetings again. I'd been on my best behaviour all day. After we'd been home for an hour or so I started to go into one. It'd gone way past the chompie or Tabasco stage and I was all ready on my way into the fitting, but somehow dad managed to snap me out of it. He was holding my head as usual and calling me to try to get me distracted and the seizure just stopped! I'd not been into it long enough for any disorientation or tiredness. It just went away and was like it never happened... well almost.

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