Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not Really Getting Better

Since the last seizure things have stayed around the same. I still have regular chompies, probably 10 a day. It's just very frustrating as I don't know when they are coming. They tend to be when I'm relaxing, but that could just be a coincidence, because I do a lot of relaxing! Mum and dad are worried that I'll get one on the stairs and that'll mean me being disorientated and possibly fall. The house isn't geared to deal with me falling downstairs, no carpet on the stairs and tiled floor at the bottom.

11:00 Dad was off work sick. He really wasn't well yesterday at all, so we make a great couple. I was just having a chompie when it just carried on too long. Next thing dad realises I'm going into a full seizure. Mum sticks a towel under my head and dad clears the table and sofa away from me so there's plenty of room.

21:15 We thought we'd gotten of lightly today. Was exactly the same deal as this morning chompie that didn't stop.

It's strange how throughout suffering epilepsy how it has changed subtly over time. Each seizure is somehow slightly different than before and the effects somehow a little different. Well maybe it's not so strange, I think we're getting used to just how life is just different and we just cope with whatever comes along. So on a positive side, things may not be getting better, but they're not getting any worse - just different.

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