Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just Mad About Snow

Mum and dad took me out for a walk in the snow yesterday. It was great fun. We went all along the road to the shops and then went around to the park where dad filmed me eating snow. I just can't get enough of it.

I like snow so much that when dad took me out today, he decided to clean the cars off first. I just stood and watched and this is how I ended up! Dad just stood laughing at me and had to take this goofy picture.

Yesterday was quite an anniversary for me. 3 months since my last seizure. That's something we're all very happy about.

Dad called the vets to arrange a repeat prescription for the medication. With money being tight at the minute I know we weren't looking forward to the having to make a chargeable visit to see the vet, then having to pay for a blood test and then having to pay for the prescription. Well I think we caught them on a good day. They didn't demand we had an appointment or blood test, yay! They just charged us for the prescription and off we went.

It's still not great as the prescription charge is £18.75, but it's much cheaper than buying the drugs from the vet. In total the drugs come to around £250 per quarter if we buy them online with the vets prescription. The vet will waive the prescription charge if we buy the drugs from them, but they are exactly double the price! We pay 7p and 14p for the 30mg and 60mg Epiphen respectively. The vet wants 14p and 28p for the same tablets. So to save £1,000 per year I must spend £80 on prescriptions. That seems like a deal to me!


  1. Lovely piccy of Roxy:) The vet's charges are unbelievable though - I do not see how they can morally justify those prices.

  2. Merry Christmas and wonderful news on how long it's been since the last incident.