Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Regular Reveille

Seems like this is the week for seizures all right. Been getting them once a day so far and in the early morning to wake everyone up.

05:45 (Yesterday) Same old process. Wake dad up, need to go out and then after a bit of mooching around go back to bed.

Onion Bhaji's07:25 (Today) Time to get up everyone! Dad took me downstairs and gave me some water, but I wasn't interested.

When I finally went back up to bed I woke dad again with retching and he got to me to put a bucket under my head before it went everywhere. That might have something to do with mum leaving the Indian buffet out when she went to bed. I knocked something over whilst helping myself to some onion bhaji's and vegetable pakora's, so dad came down to see what it was. I managed to get into the kitchen so he didn't see me, phew, just in time!

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