Sunday, November 21, 2010

No News...

... is definitely good news!

It's been a relative age since the last seizure. If only we could put a finger on something to attribute it to. Nothing's changed. I'm still on the same tablets and food. It's just a break from the norm. And we're all very gratefull for it.

Now the cold weather is here mums frustrated with me as I won't go out to the toilet in the cold mornings. That means there has been a few days when she's got home from work to find a puddle or worse. I've also been caught out a few times when she's come home from work at lunch time and found me sleeping on her bed, that's not good.

The diet is going slowly. Dad's the taskmaster, but mum gives in a feeds me for the easy life. Sunday is far the best day as that's left over day, yummy. If I'm not fed on time 8am and 5pm then like clockwork I'll remind them what time it is. I'm certainly a little more trim and mobile, but now I love my food so much I've become a bit of a scrounger. I'll take any opportunity to steal a bit of left over pizza - my favourite.

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