Monday, May 31, 2010

Not a Great Holiday

Today is a bank holiday... meaning dad has yet more time off work. So as usual, time off means seizure. I'd had a few of the Tabasco moments in the evening. Nothing new there really. Only I guess they're a little more than that. Firstly the Tabasco moment were a lot of head shaking and tongue smacking. Now there's not so much head shaking. It really is closer to what Maureen describes as "Peanut Butter Mouth". It's much more like I have something stuck to the roof of my mouth and can't get it off.

Balrog05:15 So this morning I decided to go upstairs to bed. I'd been sleeping downstairs in my bed, but then decided I didn't want to be alone any more. I'd been asleep for a while, had a few Tabasco's and finally at 5:15am the full seizure decided to kick in.

I lay there totally wasted afterwards. No blindness or pacing, just completely drained. It took dad a while to shake me out of it so I could go downstairs for some food, a drink and out to the toilet. Then dad left me downstairs for the rest of the night and off I went to sleep, like nothing had happened.

It's not been that long since the last one. But at least it's not as strenuous having single seizures rather than the clusters I've been having. Missing an hours sleep is far easier to deal with than being up for 24 hours.

18:45 Mum and dad had just finished dinner and I was snoozing in bed. Then a full seizure paid a visit again.

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