Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wonky Time

After the start of this cluster dad figured we'd be spending a day or two dealing with the seizures. Turns out it had different plans. Seemed like the Monday seizure was going to be a one off.

13:00 That was until Thursday. Chris texted dad at work to say I'd just had a seizure. After that things went quiet again.

Fire Alarm 05:00 Saturday morning it must have sounded like a fire alarm going off. I'd made it out of bed and was having a seizure by my food and water bowls. There was water everywhere and I was clanging the bowls together in my fit. Dad rushed down to sort me out and I went back off to sleep until...

07:00 Another early wake up call for dad.

10:45 Off I went again into a full seizure. So it looks like this weekend is going to be trouble.

14:45 Dad decided I needed a walk out and I was certainly looking forward to it. We got in the car and went out to the woods. About half way round I gave dad a nudge and when he looked at me he said "Ah oh here we go" and sure enough I went into a fit. Dad made sure I was comfortable and we stayed there for a while. Well as long as I'd let him. I was eager to get back on with the walk, but dad decided to go back to the car. we were almost half way so it was still 20 minutes back there. On the way I needed a drink and no matter what dad said I was going in the muddy stream for a drink... oh and a lie down.

16:45 After getting home and getting a bath and towelling down. Dad spent some time with the hair dryer on me. I love that. But a little while later I was restless and mooching about, pacing and couldn't decide what to do. Dad saw this as a sign and sure enough I went into another fit whilst laying in bed.

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