Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yayy! Barbecue Day at Last!

For a while now mum's been on a diet and that's meant weeks of powdered shakes and grumpy faces. So dad's not even mentioned the "B" word for fear of getting a rolling pin in the back of the head.

Thankfully today sees the end of that. Mum's finished the diet and is now in the eating sensibly stage - and as the weather is so good today it must be barbecue day.

Earlier on dad took me out to Doggy Disney and I just had to find every puddle I could and either drink it or lay down in it. It was just so warm. Of course to finish off I got to go in the big pond and play the fetch the stick game. I love swimming now, can't believe I was so worried about it before.

After we got home dad gave me a proper hosing down. Not just the quick spray to get the dirt off, but a full shampooing. I might not like the hose and water much, but I love getting the massage as I get the shampoo rubbed in and rinsed out. It's just great.

It was so warm that dad just left me wet without towelling me dry. 10 minutes later I had to go and remind him to finish the job. I kept on at him until he came out and gave me a real good rub down with the towel.


  1. you must pay very close attention to your dog! I feel like your dog is actually a talking dog with thoughts and feelings.

  2. She's actually very good at dictating this stuff to me. But can be very demanding when I try to reword things for her. ;)