Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Exercise Overdose

Dad went out to meet some people in his car on Saturday and that meant he wasn't going to be back until very late. This means no "walkies" for me!

But as luck would have it just before dad went out all the lights went out. There was a power cut. So with dad gone and mum not able to do anything, mum and Blaine took me out for a walkies! Yay, now if only I could figure out how to turn the electric off.

On Sunday dad wasn't at all shaky or holding his head muttering about an over hang or something, as expected. So we went to "Doggy Disney" and went for a proper walk. Not just a short route around the woods but all over. It was great! I got to chase those pesky squirrels for ages.

The good thing about this was that later that day and the following day my legs were much, much better than they have been in the past. These new tablets mum forces me to take are working wonders. It's fun watching mum think I've swallowed the tablet, when I haven't. Still I take it eventualy, but where would there be any fun if I took it first time?

Today dad took me out in the car to get his MOT done and we waked back through some green areas from the garage - about half an hours walk. It was great to be in places where I'd not been before - all the new smells to investigate.

Then in the afternoon we walked back to fetch the car. All this walking is great. Now I just need to find time for a decent nap.

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