Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seizure's Return

20:20 I had a seizure tonight.  Again I was sleeping so don't know much about it. Dad said I woke up and looked around as if I'd seen something behind me, then started fitting. Same thing as before legs pumping and teeth chomping.

This time I only urinated as I came postictal and the muscles relaxed. Then was munchy and dad gave me a few handfuls of gravy bones, yum!

Dad says I came out of it fairly quickly, even though the seizure seemed about the same. Whilst not completely with it at least I seemed to recognise him and followed him outside to pace a little.

I then had a couple (2) of Epiphen (120mg) to try to prevent a recurrence tonight, so let's see what happens.

It had been 1 Month and 7 days since my last seizure.

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