Friday, December 12, 2008

Back to see the Vet

Well following the seizures over the past few days dad took me to see the Doctor today.

As usual I was on my best behaviour. There were plenty of other dogs there this time and one strange white fluffy thing that reminded me of a fluffy Christmas star. It was very odd because it smelled like a dog and when it turned round it had eyes and a nose! Strangest dog I've ever seen.

Dad put me on the scales which now I know what they are makes them not scary at all. I just hopped right on and sat down with no fuss. That was until dad called me a fat dog... I'd put on a kilo and was nearly 42kgs today - I put it down to my winter coat. Dad says it might be the tablets (but not sure which ones) as I've certainly got an appetite these days. I eat all my breakfast and dinner usually in one sitting which isn't like me.

The vet did the usual stuff checking my eyes and listening to my heart - and the thermometer bit which I'd rather not talk about.

With nothing else to do for it the dosage of the Epiphen was raised to 90mg in the morning and 120mg in the evening to see if this provides better control. This effectivley increases by half a tablet in the evening.

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