Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Fun

I got my very own Christmas present! I was so excited. And then when it squeeked as I was unwrapping it I got even more excited.  I was so pleased Santa hadn't left me out, I was dancing around and thought I was going to wag my stump off!

It turned out to be a squeeky hedgehog.  I L O V E squeeky toys. Trouble is I get a bit too carried away and they don't last too long. In fact Mr Hedgehog only managed to make it to Boxing Day before his squeeking days were over.

But I had a great time playing with Auntie Caz on Christmas and Boxing Day with it. I know Caz doesn't really like dogs... but I guess she's a bit like Grandma - she doesn't like dogs either. I'm all confused?

Well Christmas day was great I got loads of turkey and pork scraps as a treat. Yummy. But I think Caz had too many sprouts, 'cos I kept getting blamed for making smelly noises later.

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