Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Binley Woods / Doggy Disney
Happy New Year everyone. As a dog does this mean I get seven new years? Today smells like I'm in for a treat just like Christmas day - lots of turkey, yay! Only thing is mum left the Turkey in the freezer too long so we may only get to eat at midnight today :)

Pesky Varmint
Dad took me out to doggy Disney again yesterday and I had a great time. I even completely ignored a pack of friendly dogs, two German shepherds, a boxer and something else, as I was too fixated on the squirrel in the tree overhead.

Pesky things are just too tricky and always stay in the trees when I only want to play with them... honest.

At least we finally made it to the woods today. Last time dad got to the woods, we just pulled up to park when mum called on the phone. Said that a plumber was calling at home to fix the heating. So without getting out of the car, dad turned around and drove straight home. I was so disappointed. You wait till I get my hands on that plumber!

Dave and grandma didn't get to go to Australia, yet. Grandma had to go to hospital as she'd got a viral infection and pneumonia! Poor grandma, she was in hospital on Christmas day - so Dave came round to join us for Christmas dinner. I'm sure he had some of my turkey. Well grandma's out of hospital and is better now, so hopefully they get to go on holiday soon.

PS. Turns out that both the boys stayed out tonight so there was only mum and dad for dinner. All the more leftovers for me!

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