Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Worst 24 Hours to Date

So far the past 24 hours has been horrendous. Initially thinking that a series of seizures (the previous 3) would see an end to it fell far short of the actual count.

In all I've had another five seizures since those!

22:45 (12 Jan) I was acting all excited as if I wanted something. Dad thought I was after going for walkies as I wouldn't settle and ran upstairs and down between him and mum. Eventually the seizure hit as I was at the bottom of the stairs thankfully. Dad came down and took care of me.

02:55 (13 Jan) Whilst sleeping in with mum and dad I woke them up with another full blown seizure. Dad tried to get me safely downstairs afterwards and nearly ended up paying a trip to hospital after I tripped him up at the bottom.

After this one dad slept downstairs on the sofa to keep an eye on me. For a long time afterwards I couldn't get comfortable and was very restless. I'm sure dad didn't get any sleep.

07:00 Dad didn't get up for work, so was still lying on the sofa when I had another seizure in my bed.

Thankfully the new vet was able to reschedule our 17:00 appointment to 10:10 this morning. So mum and dad took me for a long drive over to see them.

09:15 On the way to the vets I started a seizure. Dad noticed I was drooling a lot and just as I started chomping he pulled over to take a look at me. It turned out to be the shortest seizure so far. After the jaw chomping and gallons of slobber the seizure stopped. Less than a minute, but I was still a little confused afterwards.

The New Doctor

No, not this new doctor
The new vet wasn't so nice. Not for me anyhow. He took a good look at me and spoke with mum and dad about my problems. As expected he advised the Epiphen should be increased to 2 x 60mg twice a day (240mg per day).

The new doctor did a good job on talking with reassuring mum and dad that whilst this is not a pleasant condition, it's not as bad as it could be. The seizures certainly are scary so I'm glad I'm not aware of them at all.

Following the conversation dad asked about Valium and the doctor also prescribed something called "a tube of rectal Valium" to be used in emergencies if the seizure goes on much longer than usual. Now I think that sounds like taking my temperature, so I better not be awake when that happens!

He also gave my ears a really, really good clean. This is why I didn't like him much. When dad cleans my ears it's not as thorough as the doctor did. The doctor was really vigorous in using cotton wool over his finger and getting as far in as he could. Even though dad cleaned my ears only the other day the doctor came out with lots of wax and dirt, yeuch! I guess now dad's seen how the doctor did it, I've got this to look forward to from now on.

I got to go in to dads work with mum, just to say hello as we'd driven all that way just to see the doctor. Before we left they took me around the park so I could get some exercise and see if I could catch one of them pesky squirrels.

11:55 After we got home and mum and dad where having a cup of tea I started twitching and chomping. After clearing the area expecting and full blown fit it turned out to be another small one like earlier.

Mum and dad then both joined me in a nap in front of the TV. It's been a long night/day.

Oh, and Dave and grandma came round just to see how I was. They'd been reading my blog so knew I wasn't doing so good, so thought they'd call in. I just wish I wasn't so slobbery and so happy to see them.


15:40 As dad was upstairs writing this Blaine came in from school and after shaking my head started antother small seizure.

18:45 Another small seizure whilst lying in bed.

21:40 Whilst lying in the front room.

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