Thursday, January 15, 2009

Morning Sickness

When dad got up this morning he noticed I'd been sick in the night. One was quite dried up and the other more recent. There wasn't a great deal in it, mostly bile with a bit of dog food.

I was looking lively enough when dad came down, other than looking a bit sheepish and embarassed like I was expecting a telling off.


Well tonight nothing to report! Other than this morning getting sick all seems to be well. Dad took me out for a walk and did some re-training exercises with me. Just to get me back in the groove. Even met up with a friendly staffy I've met before and seemed to be getting back to my old self. Still some way to go... but improving.


  1. Hey Roxie,

    My mom (Aunty Caz) tells me you not been too well. I know how you feel about those darn vet people, everytime I go they either stick a needle in me or shove something up my bum! I even tried sabotaging mom's attempts to get me there by going missing just at the right time, but she got wise to that and now locks the catflap! I was certain the next plan would work....I pee'd all over her whilst she tried to lock me in the cage but even that didn't work.
    I would come and see you but mom thinks you would mistake me for a squeaky hedgehog and I've seen how that one turned out so probably best not.
    I hope you feel better soon
    Feebs xx

  2. Glad to see you feeling better Roxy... lots of love form g/ma who doesn't like dogs ...

  3. good to see you feeling a bit better Roxy... don't think you would want Feebs to visit you some how.. shes s littl tetchy when it comes to dogs even lovely ones like you xxx g/ma