Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Small Seizure

Mum's been at home with me all day today and has noticed that my behaviour is a little unusual. I've been either emotional since dad went to work or excitable and over energetic. Also feeling very hungry and been very naughty by going into the kitchen bin looking for food, something I haven't done for a very, very long time!

Dad's also noticed that I'm not quite myself still. After being so good on command, even responding to hand signals, it seems as if there is some confusion, or fog and I'm not quite understanding the commands for a while. I'll get it eventually, but takes a while. I hope this is just the effect of the higher dosage of the drugs.

18:20 I followed dad upstairs after he got in from work. Mum calls me shadow as I follow him everywhere. As I lay there with dad just about to update my blog with this update - which was to read "Today's a Better Day" - dad looked around at me and noticed I'd gone stary. Seconds later the chomping and drooling started, but that's where it stopped. "3-2-1 and you're back in the room"

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