Friday, January 23, 2009

Rottweiler Rescue

Who could refuse this beautiful pair?In my search of support and answers relating to my treatment I've taken all kinds of sidetracks investigating the Rottweiler breed. Their origin, typical behaviours and any know affliction the breed suffers from. Along the journey I've crossed paths with some folks utterly devoted to the breed. To the extent that they organise or support charities that often pick up the pieces after something goes wrong when people take home a Rottweiler.

There are groups of dedicated people who take in those Rottweilers where the owner is no longer able to offer it a home. These are the people who run charitable rescue shelters and spend huge amounts of time attempting to rehome an unwanted pet.

Reading up on just how many Rottweilers are put up for rehoming each month, year after year is just staggering. Those surrendering dogs claim to do so for many, many different reasons. The reality is there is only one reason to rehome a dog, and that is money.

Excuses like "I'm having a baby", "the dog doesn't get on with my kids/dogs/other pets", "our new home won't allow us to bring pets with us", just aren't the real reason, no matter how you try to justify it.

Here's why it is purely financial - If you were rehoming your Rottweiler for any other reason than money, this is how you would do it.

Find a charitable rescue shelter that is willing and able to take in your pet. Don't attempt to explain your reasons - they've heard them all before. Of course they'll ask a lot of questions about your pet and its condition and behaviour. Now simply ask them for their bank account details. When you have them, calculate how much money you should be spending on your dog each month, include all the food you would need, the incidental medicines for worming and fleas, now add on the cost spaying/neutering and monthly pet insurance. Now setup a Direct Debit for that amount and let it run for the remainder of your pets life expectancy of around ten years.

Not prepared to do that? Well then your reasons for rehoming are quite simply for the money.

The very least you can do for making a mistake, is to ensure that no one else is expected to cover your losses. If you can do that, I sympathise with you in having to make a tough decision.

For those of you who run a rescue shelter, or offer foster homes to dogs (Rottweilers included), there aren't enough words in the English language to offer as reward for your efforts.

Awww. We're just too cute!

For all of us others - THINK BEFORE you take on a Rottweiler, or any dog. Do some homework, find out what you need to do, what is expected, how much it will cost - you'll step back once you get your calculator out. The cost of buying the dog is incidental compared to keeping it once you get it home.

If you still want a Rottweiler, go talk to one of the rescue shelters, ask them for information and do them the biggest favour you can by being a responsible adoptive parent for one of the kindest, most loving dogs you could ever ask for.


  1. Wife and I live in Philippines presently moving to the Big Island in November, lost our two brutes in the floods and mudslides in this God Forsaken country we'd had them for over 3 years. would like to adopt after we settle in. We are trying to buy a house in Pahoa with a 1/2 acre fenced yard. we are Bill & Lynn Leland Americans

  2. I find that alot of people are scared of rots. I feel in love with one some years back and couldn't take him with me in my move. It wasn't because of a money situation but it was because of a living situatinon and for that I am deeply sorry that I had to give him up. I know he went to a good home and that he was well taken care of but I will say that my wife and I have both stated that if we ever have the chance to get some land where we can take on these loving animals that we would open a rescue shelter. I have many years being around dogs as well as my wife. I am so glad to see that there are others out there in this world that love the breed as much as I. Please keep up the goodness that you have in your hearts for these loving animals, I will be letting you know if I can help I will.
    Thanks for all that everyone is doing.

  3. these puppies are so cute i have one and her name is holly and she looks just like the big one and the puppy is so cute congrats!~

  4. I have 2 rotties that I got from a rescue home. They are the most lovable babies I have ever owned. I wish more people interested in owning dogs would consider choosing from rescue shelters.