Sunday, January 11, 2009

Had an Epihany

Dad took me walking in the woods during a winter afternoon recently and although I'm pretty good and finding my way around dad does get lost sometimes. Usually I can hear the choke chain dad carries jingling and can find him, but sometimes he just wanders off and I must go find him.

So I took him to the pet store and we figured I'd get some bells to fit onto my collar so when dad gets lost he can find me again. The store only had cat bells, but they came in threes, so dad got them and put them on my collar. Now he can always find me!

But an even better thought occured to me. Although these were originally to help dad find me, they'd also be really useful for if I have a seizure at night. I know mum and dad are worried that what happens if they are asleep and don't know I've had a fit. Now they should be able to hear the bells!

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