Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Chase is On

Muntjac DeerDad took me to Doggy Disney again today. We did a good tour around in the pleasant weather. We were expecting it to be freezing cold this weekend, but in fact it ended up being quite mild. Mild enough for all the puddles and muddy bogs to be fantastically dirty for me to go and play in.

Whilst running around I caught sight and scent of a Muntjac deer. It's not often I run into these as they're so shy, nimble and agile enough to just disappear in the trees.

Today was different. I managed to have a real good chase as it seemed this one was up for teasing me for a bit.  There's no way I'm fast enough to get even close but this one seemed to be up for the chase as much as I. So I couldn't let it down could I?

After only a minute or two dad whistled me and called me back, so I didn't lose him in the woods. I know how panicky he gets when I leave him alone in the woods for too long. So I trotted back all happy with myself after my little bit of fun.


  1. Hi Roxy,
    Thanks for coming by my blog! Sorry to read about your seizure troubles. Doggy Disney sounds like fun! (My Jack Russel wants to know if there are any good birds to flush? Especially out of rustly bushes.)

    Have a good day!

  2. Hi Roxy,
    You are a very beautiful dog. I admit I've always been a little nervous around Rottie's, but you look nice, especially with the pink head adornment. I have a dog named Nellie. She's all black, border collie mix. You can see a few pictures of her in these posts:

    I think she would like you too! I'm sorry you have seizures but I think you are lucky to have a Mum and Dad who love you so much to care about your health and get you the best care. Wishing you lots of good days and yummy treats.