Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Well ok for you guys out there maybe. But our fun started on Christmas Eve. A couple of big seizures, but nothing we couldn't handle. Same old routine, but same old changes.

This time I'd give a bit of warning before the seizure set in. I'd go all twitchy and confused, then try to run away. Only trouble is I couldn't see so went colising into everything unless stopeed. As it stopped the head shaking and thrashing begins.

Christmas day went pretty well. Still having seizures, but at elast the family got dinner sorted first.

Then came Boxing day and a house full of people for the trafitional buffet. I got fragged into the kitchen as a seizure started whilst I lay on the floor with everyone. Then it carried on throughout the day offf and on.

Now I'm still dazed and confused. The mop bucket is always on hand because I'll go to the toilet even when lying down, without telling anyone - well I guess it's warmer than it is outside.

There's not really been much to say. We've been going through the same seizures with varying periods between. Sometimes a month, sometimes more.

Same song and dance with the vet. They've now brought in that we must buy all the drugs on the written prescription within 30 days of getting it. The vet will only write a two month presriptions now too. So a bit less savings to be had from bulk ordering and a few less savings from being able to do a monthly call off of meds. It sucks.

Add to that the vet wants to do two blood tests every 4 months, not 6. Dad keeps telling them if they are monitoring KBr and Epiphen levels they are wasting dads money. The levels are at the maxiimum they can be so it's not like we'll add more of them! If they were to monitor liver function maybe that would be valid, but I'm an old dog now and there's little to be done if the meds are affecting my liver.

It's frustrating to just let them do what they want to do. Take the money and just carry on so we can get meds.

On a lighter note dad took me round the park and I fiound a big crunchy puddle. Everywhere I stepped it crunched and I'd get wet feet when it gave way. I thought it was great fun and walked all over it until there was no more crunching.

Think it'll be a day or two before I'm back to normal. Still feeling a bit puppified and confused.

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