Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We don't update this very often these days

And that's mostly good news.

I still have the regular seizures. Sometimes weeks, sometimes months apart and still unpredictable. But we all just deal with it these days. It's hard to watch and not very pleasant I'm sure. But when it happens I'm not really there at all. It's not until afterwards when I notice it takes it's toll. I'm not getting any younger and the strain it puts on my muscles means it's a bit harder to bounce back. None the less, that's what I do.

This week the cluster is 3 days old, which is unusual. We don't tend to go through it for so long. But just to frustrate dad they only come out at night, just so he can't sleep.

The vet reckons at 11 years old and ten of those with seizures I'm doing pretty well for my age. I can't walk as far, I still get so excited about going out, but not for long. Dad's new car is too high for me to get into unaided. I don't like being picked up, but if it means going in the car I'm game.

In summer last year dad's brothers family bought a dog. They live next door and it's a big bouncy Rhodesian Ridgeback. Great temperament, very friendly, but way to sociable for me. The big ginger thing always wants to play and bounce around and that's never been something I've been a fan of. Mostly I ignore it and hope it goes away. I'm a people dog and not really into dogs at all.

They start out small...

But not for very long.

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