Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry F*$king Christmas :(

Christmas day was the start of a week off for dad, so you can guess what happened next. Not just a visit by Santa Claus, but also a visit from the Seizure Monster.

Fortunately on Christmas day they only appeared very early in the morning at around 2:00am and then late in the night about midnight. So we at least got a free day. But Boxing Day turned out to be the worst day. Quite a few really big ones and as per the "no pattern" to this kind of seizure it's been a bit of a change again.

After the paddling and twisting seizure I go into a state where I'm still in the seizure, but having shocks like electricity hitting me every couple of seconds. Then it's an urgent fight to get on my feet and go who knows where. Takes a lot of effort to restrain me so I don't go off and hurt myself. After that dad can calm me down so I at least stay lying down... mostly. A good half hour of attention and I'm then relaxed enough to be left alone.

So far today hasn't been too bad. One in the morning, but now of course this will have jinxed it.

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