Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's Going on with My Ear?

This week I decided to keep dad up all night on Sunday, but not with the usual seizure goings on. I just wouldn't leave my ear alone. I spent all night scratching at it. So dad put some socks on my feet to at least prevent me hurting myself with my claws.

But then when dad tried to clean my ears I was having none of it. Usually I don't mind them being cleaned, but I wriggled and wrestled away from him every chance I got. When he did manage to get a cotton ball in it came out clean so they didn't need cleaning. So why were they driving me crazy?

Then early Monday morning off I go into a seizure and sure enough the cluster follows. So here we are again into a cluster of seizures, same old routine, thrashing and paddling, but not so much of the charging around afterwards. More a tired and exhausted rest to recover. Then an hour later I'm all starey eyed and hyper active, not knowing what I want.

Dad's had to take a couple of days off work as he's not much use without sleep. Not that I'm letting him rest as I'm hyper between seizures and want attention constantly.

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