Sunday, November 20, 2011

All Time Low

Last week I started into a cluster on Mum's birthday. Wasn't good at all, but since then it's just been hitting even harder.

It started out as the usual kind of seizure where I'd thrash and paddle before going off for a nap. After a nap I'd get up refreshed and ready to face the world again. Over the next few days though things weren't getting any better and we figured we'd be in for a 48 hour cluster.

But we're still at it this weekend. Four days into a cluster of seizures that happen about every 6 hours. These ones today have been particularly nasty visits. I'd start off with a chompie and head shaking. Then five minutes later I'd go into the full twisting, thrashing and paddling. But I'd then not want a nap. I was all hyped up and wanting to run about, but my legs wouldn't carry me. Dad had to pin me down to stop me running off into things or falling and hurting my legs as I'd often end up splayed in all directions.

Following that only another 5 minutes I'd go into another chompie and head shaking. Afterwards I'm still unable to walk and another 5 minutes and I'd be having a shivery jaw that would rattle my teeth and curl my toes. So the seizure would last around half an hour, every six hours. But after that half hour I'm still not quite 100%, but I'm at least able to stand and walk. I'm just completely drained from the exertion of the seizure.

I'm really hoping this comes to an end soon... but is it a coincidence that Dad's off work agin this week?

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