Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Getting On With Life

Muddy FaceOver the past couple of week I've had a few of the big seizures, but not really like the usual clusters. It's been more of the one offs. That was until yesterday when I end up having three seizures. But I don't know if it's just mum and dad dealing with it better because they're so used to it, or if the after effects don't seem so bad these days. After a big seizure there's no major disorientation or blindness like there used to be. Now dad reckons I just resort to being very clumsy and not doing anything I'm told. For instance I'll go plodding off around the room and anything that isn't fixed to the floor will probably get knocked over or spilled, for example the lava lamp or cups and glasses on tables. I've lost count how many things I've broken. I'll also start being naughty like rummaging through the bins and eating anything off the lounge table if there's any left overs. But by far the most common is standing in my food and water bowls so the contents end up spilled all over the floor or the food and biscuits laid as a trail to trap dad on after he tries to get me in his bare feet - Ouch!

We just knew the seizure would happen this week... you guessed it. Extended Bank holiday and dad's off work!

Today we went down the woods and here's a video of what I got up to. I needed to go for a swim after this to clean up!

After the mud bath

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