Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Week Off and We Know What That Means...

Dad's had a week of work and that's usually the cue for me to start having a cluster. But this time around... nothing! Dad piked about the right week for the weather too. All week has been sunny and dry apart from one day, so I've been out to the woods almost every day.

BBQ Then at sometime during the week, maybe Wednesday or Thursday the chompies had stopped. So in all the last week has been a good one. But what made it extra special was that yesterday saw the first BBQ of the year. Mum and dad went next door and cooked up some food. They even said they made a special effort not to cook too much, because every time they do a BBQ there's always far too much food left.

So this time around I managed to get a few snacks and all the left overs were then mine for breakfast. So much for not over doing the food. Still I'm not complaining.

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