Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Wonky Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope you all have a great time. We're looking forward to the break. As I'm in the middle of a cluster right now it should mean that we go through the main Christmas holidays unmolested by another visit... although you can never be sure.

This cluster is particularly strong. Seems the thrashing about is very intense and then afterwards there's a really strong urge to jump up and run full speed into anything. When mum and dad see me go into one they have to pin me down afterwards to stop me from hurting myself.

I still don't understand what causes seizures to change.  So even though they are expected, the actual results aren't.

I get called wonky dog and the seizures are my wonky time on account of them sending me all wonky afterwards. Here's hoping for a non-wonky Christmas.


  1. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and here's a wish for a good year in 2012 with few, or even no, visits by the seizure monster.

  2. Hello Roxy! I haven't dropped by in a while but I think about you a lot! :) Everytime I see my puppy who we found out has seizures in his sleep... I think of you!