Sunday, May 31, 2009

In the Dog House

Pepperoni Pizza

Looks like I'm in the dog house today. But it's not all my fault really. I mean, who goes leaving pizza lying around at night? If they didn't want me to eat it all then they should have put it away from me, how was I to know I shouldn't eat a slice of pepperoni and six slices of spicy Mexican chicken pizza. I was just tidying up.

Big news today is Auntie Caz is coming over for a barbecue. The family will all be over too, so I'll get lots of attention and probably lots of yummy scraps. That's if I'm forgiven and let out of the dog house by then. I'll have to put on my best puppy dog eyes and manipulate them like I usually do.

Anyway dad found this old photo of some one called "Carol Ann" and now I'm confused. Is this the same person as Auntie Caz? Just in case you forgot she's 280 years old on Tuesday - Oh, that's 40 in human years. That's still really old though isn't it?

Auntie Caz / Carol Ann


  1. Yeah well, humans are odd. They leave food lying about and expect us NOT TO EAT?! :P If you asked me me thinks its cruel! :P

    Anywoos, we hope you get out of the Dog House soon.

    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy and the Dog WOods Pack

  2. lol...Mom & Dad have to put everything away that has to do with food or toilet paper when we leave. I will eat a whole roll of toilet paper and have learned how to open the kitchen trash cabinet. It's my way of saying, "teach you to leave me at home while you go for a ride in the car."
    Have a good day Roxy...C U Soon.

  3. I just came out of the dog house due to UTI... but released me immediately after giving me some prescriptions... hmm.. pizza? now im craving for one.