Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blood Test Results

Dad spoke with the Vet on Monday to find out the results of the blood test. It came back all good. A little elevated from the norm, but to be expected given the tablets I'm taking.

In a way it's good to know things are OK, but in another it means there's nothing jumping out screaming "This is what causes the seizures!" If only there were a straight forward answer.

Sky+ HD
I had some fun yesterday. Showing off what a big, bad scary dog I am. We had a visit from a couple of Sky TV engineers, who came out to install a new Sky+ HD box.

They turned up at the door, so dad and I went out to the gate to say hello. I bounced around and barked as loud as I can. They had a strange look on their faces... like they weren't quite sure of me.

Dad said I was friendly and that they'd be fine, so I woofed some more, just to make sure they could see how friendly I was. As they went around the house installing cables they'd stick their head into the room and ask gingerly if it was safe to come in. By that time I was bored with them and just lay there ignoring them.

Postman Pat
As they were coming and going between their van and and the house they left the back door and gates open. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but postie hadn't been yet. When the letters hit the mat I was off like a greyhound, out the door and gates to go say Hi to the postman. Dad came charging after me to call me back in... one day I'll catch up with him and say hello properly.


  1. w00fs Roxy, heehee u almost made it...and me iz gload the blood work camed back ok, but wish they cood figure it out..

    b safe,

  2. You seem to be such a friendly little guy. and how clever of your dad to write this blog for you. He seems to know exactly what you want to say!
    My sister has seizures, and I know how violent they can be, so I've empathized a bit with your blog.
    Looking forward to hearing about your other adventures.
    There will always be a dog treat waiting in my pocket for you!:)

  3. It's your doggy duty to get that Postie's ankles Roxy. A gal needs something to nibble on! Pity that blood test test didn't show up anything useful though. I don't suppose they do MRIs for doggys but if they did I guess they'd be very expensive? Keep you tail up and wagging - at least there's still pizza on the table.

  4. Oh they do MRI's, but without insurance it would set us back £2,000-3,000 and may or may not show anything.

    If it was bad news there would be little that could be done without throwing more and more money at it. And if it didn't show anything then we'd be no better off.

    As expensive as the insurance would have been, it would have been very worth while. With hindsight...

  5. I'm glad the blood work came back good. Keep getting better, Roxie. I wish every day the best for you

  6. What is with humans? You'd think they never learned to close things behind them. Oh, they were male humans, weren't they. Good thing you didn't catch the postie. Biggggg trouble if you do.

  7. Thankfully Roxy hasn't a bad bone in her body. She'd probably scare the poor guy to death, but I'm pretty sure there would be any violence. That's not to say it should be tested and we shouldn't act responsibly. I can imagine what goes through anyone's mind when a barking Rottie races up to them, it can't be happy thoughts!